💻 🐳 🐘 🐬 🐧 🚀 Start Docker LNMP(LEMP) In less than 2 minutes Powered by Docker Compose. 让 PHP 开发者快速(一键)搭建基于容器技术(Docker、Kubernetes)的开发、测试、生产(CI/CD by Drone)环境.
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LNMP Docker

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💻 🐳 🐘 🐬 🐧 🚀 Start LNMP In Less than 2 minutes Powered By Docker Compose, one command $ ./lnmp-docker up

Platform Status
Windows Build status
Linux Build Status
macOS CI
Linux arm64v8 -

LNMP Docker is supported on Linux, macOS, Windows 10 on x86_64, and Debian (Raspberry Pi3) on arm.

⚠️ Don't Edit Any Files except .env Why ?

⚠️ Run Laravel on Docker For Windows very slow. solve it.

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To use LNMP Docker, you need:

1 Git

2 Docker CE 19.03 Stable +

3 Docker Compose V2

4 WSL (Windows Only)

Quick Start

Windows 10

Please see Windows 10.


Use git install LNMP Docker.

$ git clone --depth=1 https://github.com/khs1994-docker/lnmp.git

# $ git clone --depth=1 git@github.com:khs1994-docker/lnmp.git

# 中国镜像

$ git clone --depth=1 https://gitee.com/khs1994-docker/lnmp.git

# $ git clone --depth=1 git@gitee.com:khs1994-docker/lnmp.git

Start LNMP Demo

$ cd lnmp

$ ./lnmp-docker up

$ curl

Welcome use khs1994-docker/lnmp v20.10 x86_64 With Pull Docker Image


💡 MySQL default root password mytest

Start PHP Project

Create new folder to start PHP project(e.g, Laravel) in ./app/ folder, And edit nginx config file in ./config/nginx/yourfilename.conf.

# $ ./lnmp-docker new

$ ./lnmp-docker restart nginx

You can set APP_ROOT to change PHP project folder.

More information please see Docker PHP Best Practice https://github.com/khs1994-docker/php-demo

How to connect Services

$redis = new \Redis();

- $redis->connect('',6379);
+ $redis->connect('redis', 6379);

- $pdo = new \PDO('mysql:host=;dbname=test;port=3306','root','mytest');
+ $pdo = new \PDO('mysql:host=mysql,dbname=test,port=3306', 'root', 'mytest');


PHPer commands

  • lnmp-php

  • lnmp-composer

  • lnmp-phpunit

  • lnmp-laravel

  • ...

For more information please see Documents

Issue SSL certificate

Powered by acme.sh

$ ./lnmp-docker ssl khs1994.com -d *.khs1994.com

Please set API key and id in .env file or System ENV. Support Self-Signed SSL certificate, for more information, see Documents.

List LNMP Container

$ docker container ls -a -f label=com.khs1994.lnmp

Use Self-Build Docker Image

Edit Dockerfile in ./dockerfile/*/Dockerfile, then exec ./lnmp-docker build.


# Restart all container
$ ./lnmp-docker restart

$ ./lnmp-docker restart nginx php8


$ ./lnmp-docker stop

Stop and remove

$ ./lnmp-docker down



Please see Documents.

What's inside

Name Docker Image Version Based
ACME.sh khs1994/acme:3.0.0 3.0.0 alpine:3.16
NGINX nginx:1.23.3-alpine 1.23.3 alpine:3.13
NGINX Unit khs1994/php:8.1.9-unit-alpine 1.28.0 alpine:3.16
HTTPD httpd:2.4.53-alpine 2.4.53 alpine:3.16
MySQL mysql:8.0.30 8.0.30 oraclelinux:8-slim
MariaDB mariadb:10.8.3 10.8.3 ubuntu:jammy
Redis redis:7.0.0-alpine 7.0.0 alpine:3.16
PHP-FPM khs1994/php:8.1.9-fpm-alpine 8.1.9 alpine:3.16
Composer khs1994/php:8.1.9-composer-alpine 2.5.1 alpine:3.16
Memcached memcached:1.6.15-alpine 1.6.15 alpine:3.16
RabbitMQ rabbitmq:3.9.0-management-alpine 3.9.0 alpine:3.13
PostgreSQL postgres:14.0-alpine 14.0 alpine:3.14
MongoDB mongo:5.0.3 5.0.3 ubuntu:bionic
PHPMyAdmin phpmyadmin:5.2.0 5.2.0 alpine:3.16
Registry registry:latest latest alpine:3.11

Folder Structure

Folder description
app PHP project (HTML, PHP, etc)
scripts/backup backup database file
bin PHPer Commands
config configuration file
dockerfile Dockerfile
log log file
scripts bash shell script

Exposed Ports

  • 80
  • 443


Easy to generate nginx or apache config, etc. Please use ./lnmp-docker.

Who use in Production?




Please see https://github.com/khs1994-docker/lnmp/issues/895


Please see khs1994-docker/ci




Please see Contributing


More Information


Please see https://zan.khs1994.com


We send OS type and IP data to us data collection server, please set true (default) to help us improve.

You can edit .env file DATA_COLLECTION=false to disable it.