The Librum client application
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Librum is an application, designed to make reading as enjoyable and straightforward as possible for you.

It is more than simply an e-book reader, Librum makes it possible for you, to manage your own library, which you can access from all of your devices at any time.
Librum provides a variety of features to make you as productive as you can be, these features include being able to take notes from within the app, book mark and highlight important sections, while being able to customise the application to look exactly how you want it to. Librum also provides free access to over 60,000 books, custom plugins and your reading statistics, while remaining free and 100% open source.

Librum's aim is to make reading as frictionless and enjoyable as possible for you.

Note: Librum is still in development, the servers are not public, and thus Librum is not yet available for public use. A beta release will be available soon, bringing the servers online and making the application available to end users.


login_screen Your entry-point to Librum

book_reading Enjoy a simple and clean look while reading

appearance_settings Make the application look and feel the way you want

about_settings_dark Enjoy a relaxing dark mode

Setup and manage your own library


For documentation go to Librum's github-wiki


If you like the Librum project, consider donating to the opensource developers at

As a team of opensource developers we rely on donations from the community to be able to continue working on projects like Librum. Any help is greatly appreciated.


If you are interested in contributing, feel free to contact us under:
We are following a pull request workflow where every contribution is sent as a pull request and merged into the dev/develop branch for testing.


For questions, you can reach us under:
For business related contact, reach out to us here:


Supported platforms

Part of Librum's aim, is to remove the boundary of reading on different devices, no matter where you are or which device you use, you can always continue your book with Librum, since Librum is cross platform.
We support:

  • Windows
  • GNU/Linux
  • MacOS
  • IOS
  • Android

Supported formats

No matter what book you want to read, it will work with Librum, since Librum supports all major book formats,

  • PDF
  • PS
  • Tiff
  • CHM
  • DjVu
  • Images
  • DVI
  • XPS
  • Fiction Book
  • Comic Book
  • Plucker
  • Pub
  • Fax
  • All plain text formats
  • Most image formats

and much more.


Librum's objective is to make your reading more productive; to that end, we provide you with a variety of functions that you can access via a simple and straightforward interface.
These functions include:

  • A modern e-reader
  • Creating your personalized library
  • Book meta-data editing
  • A free in-app bookstore with more than 60.000 books
  • Book syncing across all of your devices
  • Highlighting
  • Note taking
  • Bookmarking
  • Searching through
  • Tags
  • TTS (Text to speech)
  • Automated page scrolling
  • Syncing with 3rd parties (Google drive, dropbox, nextcloud)
  • Custom plugins
  • Appearance and behaviour customization
  • Your reading statistics
  • No-login book reading
  • Sharing / Priting pages

If you are missing any feature, feel free to leave a feature request ticket!

Getting started

Instructions to get Librum up and running in your environment.

Note: Librum currently relies on KDE's infrastructure for okular. This will change soon, however for the time being, Librum and Okular may conflict. If there is an issue with the Librum installation, consider temporarily uninstalling okular.

For GNU/Linux


Since Librum is a KDE application, the KDE libraries are necessary. If you are on a distribution that uses KDE Plasma, you are good to go; otherwise, building Librum from source means that one also needs to build KDE.



  1. Clone the repository.
    git clone --recurse-submodules -j4
  2. Step into the cloned project folder.
    cd Librum
  3. Add the Qt path to the CMakeLists.txt
    By default, Qt creator appends the path to Qt to the 'CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH' variable, you have 2 options for building Librum:
    • Use Qt Creator to build the project (Simply open the CMakeLists.txt through Qt Creator, by clicking File -> Open File or Project...)
    • Add the path manually, for that, just copy this line
      list(APPEND CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH "/home/<username>/Qt/<Version>/<compiler>")
      to the third line of the top-level CMakeLists.txt and replace all contents in angular brackets '<>' with your data, for example:
      list(APPEND CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH "/home/john/Qt/5.15.5/gcc_64")
  4. Create the build folder and step into it.
    mkdir build-Release
    cd build-Release
  5. Run cmake.
  6. Build the project
    make -j4
  7. Install the files
    sudo make install
  8. Run the app

For Windows

Not yet officially supported. Support coming soon!

For macOS

Not yet officially supported. Support coming soon!