📖 Argon - 一个轻盈、简洁的 WordPress 主题
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简体中文 | 繁體中文 | English | Russian


Argon - A light, simple and beautiful WordPress theme

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  • Light and beautiful - Using the Argon Design System, the details are exquisite.
  • Highly customizable - Customizable theme color, layout (double-column/single-column/triple-column), top column content, side column content, banner, background image, different backgrounds of day and night mode, background immersion, floating action buttons, provide a wealth of customization options.
  • Dark mode - Supports three modes: light, dark, and black, can automatically switch according to the time or follow the system.
  • Various functions - Tag and category list, sidebar author link, sidebar extra link, word count and estimated reading time display, article outdated information display.
  • Pjax - Support Pjax non-refresh loading, improve browsing experience.
  • Friend links - Supports the use of Wordpress's built-in link manager for friend links management, and supports many friend links page styles
  • "Essays" - Post ideas at any time, and display them on the special "essays" page, and also can show them on homepage
  • Extended comment functions - Ajax comments, Markdown, comment CAPTCHA, commenters can edit their comments again, User-Agent display, private comment, email notification, comment editing history, ajax load comment pages, etc.
  • Other functions - Article catalog, reading progress, Mathjax or Katex formula rendering, images zoom preview, Pangu.js text formatting, smooth scrolling, etc.
  • Abundant shortcodes - Support a lot of shortcodes, like to-do checkbox, tags, alerts, admonitions, folding blocks, Github information cards, timeline, hidden text, videos, etc.
  • Multi-language - Support English and Chinese.
  • Others - Adaptive page, well-optimized article reading interface CSS, switchable serif/sans-serif font, customizable CSS and JS, support CDN accelerating static files, SEO friendly, Banner typing animation, Messageboard page, etc.


Download the .zip file on the Release page, upload and install it on the "Theme" page of the WordPress backend.


Argon-Theme Document : https://argon-docs.solstice23.top (Chinese version)


Theme preview




Argon uses the GPL V3.0 protocol to open source, please follow this protocol for secondary development.

You should keep the name of the Argon theme and its repo link in the footer.

You can remove the author information in the footer.







Telegram Channel


Automatically push update informations and other news about Argon.

Update logs

See readme.md Chinese version.